Chemical dependency is a complicated and challenging issue to overcome, even for professionals with extensive experience treating addiction. As a Chemical Dependency Counselor, Life Coach, and Hypnotherapist, I have seen many success stories, and I believe that addressing underlying patterns is crucial to achieving lasting change.

Two Common Patterns in Addiction: Denial and Codependency

Denial is one of the most common patterns in addiction and involves being dishonest with yourself and not accepting life, God, others, or yourself. This pattern can include not accepting your own feelings and truths, lying to yourself and others, and not being able to accept your part in things. Denial often runs alongside codependency, which involves mixing up responsibilities with others, not having boundaries, rescuing others, expecting others to read your mind, and not being able to ask for help.

Addressing Underlying Patterns through Hypnotherapy

To increase the chances of gaining and maintaining sobriety, it’s essential to address these underlying patterns. Hypnotherapy is an effective tool in this process. During hypnotherapy sessions, we work on emotional clearing, identifying and addressing the emotions that are holding you back from achieving sobriety. We can also help you open the doors to self-acceptance, authenticity, assertiveness, and wholeness by addressing the mind, body, and spirit.

Achieving Lasting Change with Hypnotherapy

By addressing underlying patterns, we can help you achieve a higher level of consciousness, connect with your true self, and create a fulfilling life free from addiction. Our hypnotherapy sessions focus on addressing the root cause of the addiction and helping you build the skills and coping mechanisms necessary to overcome chemical dependency.

Contact Us for Professional Help

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please reach out to us for professional help. We offer Chemical Dependency Counseling, Life Coaching, and Hypnotherapy services tailored to your individual needs. Our goal is to help you achieve lasting change and fulfilling life free from addiction.


Overcoming chemical dependency is a challenging journey, but addressing underlying patterns can increase the chances of gaining and maintaining sobriety as a new path. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can help you address these patterns and achieve lasting change. To learn more about our services and how we can help, please contact us today.