Santosha Nobel, CHt,CI BA, A.A.S


Santosha is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Chemical Dependency Counselor with a BA in Counseling and Creative Arts Therapies. She has completed over 100 hours of training in counseling in fully accredited college programs. She started out as a biofeedback therapist in an HMO. During her 37+ years employed as a counselor in agencies and private practice she’s lectured and led workshops. She has developed an aftercare program for victims of domestic violence, sobriety tool kits (an aftercare program for people in recovery), and the Whole Life Weight Loss Program. She specializes in helping people overcome overeating, provides an alternative solutions for substance abuse issues and clearing toxic emotions, and phobias.

Santosha employs multiple therapy techniques including Reimaging, regression with depth hypnosis, stop smoking, issues with overeating with portion control and many techniques named here and others. She integrates EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Focusing, NLP neuro linguistic programming, kinesiology, and Parts Therapy to help you achieve your greatest healing. All of these methods provide effective alternative solutions for clearing old habits and emotions such as fears, chronic sadness and anger.

She has combined, hypnosis, breathe work and guided imagery to create Reimaging for clients and other health care professionals. Reimaging is an integrated guided imagery system (a hard back book with 2 audio programs) to help you completely unwind patterns from all areas of the psyche so they do not regenerate. Santosha is a complimentary wellness provider, healer and emotional coach. She also is an advanced energy and sound healer.

Santosha has a strong belief in the power of people to change and heal themselves and their lives, and loves to guide people into the process of  seeking  their own guidance through hypnosis and dialoging with the body/mind and spirit. She feels that  there is no such thing as failure.  If you are committed to change and you are persistent, Santosha can clear everything that holds you back from reaching your intentions.

Santosha currently resides in Del Rey Oaks, CA and works in person or by Skype or Phone depending on your location and needs.

Memberships: National Guild of Hypnotists, International Federation of Hypnotists, Imagery International and is a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.