Reimaging is an interactive, integrated guided imagery and breath work program that completely clears the mind/body/spirit of toxic emotions and unwanted patterns. In this program you can clear your toxic emotions and get the necessary insights to overcome your obstacles step by step. With Reimaging, we can overcome impulsiveness and begin to make positive choices. The idea is to eliminate the NEED to have to control the impulses. So we take the energy out of the impulses so that they can no longer can drive you to sabotage yourself. This applies to smoking cessation, chemical and food addictions. Without the impulses to use chemicals or overuse food you stand a much better chance of letting it go and you stop acting impulsively.

By combining Reimaging and other techniques with hypnosis, we are able to achieve great results with those attempting to lose weight, quit smoking or interrupt a pattern, habit or addiction. The reason is simple:hypnosis bypasses the conscious mind and goes directly to the mechanism that runs the show – your subconscious mind. So, hypnosis for weight loss is great because you can install new patterns effecting both your food choices and your ability to push away from food when you are satisfied. Hypnosis allows you to regress to the root cause, the initial sensitizing event that caused the addiction.’ For most any addiction there will be an event (usually intensely traumatizing, but sometimes intensely pleasurable) that took place that was the catalyst for the addiction.

By combining hypnotic suggestions with energy clearing, the effectiveness of my programs is closer to 100% compared to programs offered elsewhere whether you dealing with overusing or addictive tendencies or wanted to clear trauma, fears, phobias, chronic sadness or other.

Some examples of energy clearing that I use are:

Reimaging with this technique we literally take the entire energy of the pattern or emotion you are wishing to clear out of the shadow (the unconscious part of the mind/body/spirit.)

Sound Healing

With Sound Healing you can usually measure the results as we rapidly clear the all levels of the Shadow of toxic emotional energy and unwanted patterns simultaneously. So this is a very rapid method of change.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques

With EFT, for example you can learn to instantly clear a craving.

NLP – Neuro-linguistic Programming

Using NLP we can often change the way that we subconsciously store information.

With Reimaging, hypnosis, and energy clearing techniques I can offer you a safe and clear path to your higher self.

The Higher is in a constant state of joy, love, happiness, gratitude, harmony, peace and health. In other words, bliss.  Where we are out of alignment is where we have challenges. So my sessions are all about harmonizing you with your higher self so that you overcome whatever is up for you and reattain the 7 qualities of life named above