Spring Celebrations I am offering my 6 Hour 3 Day Private intensive Smoking Cessation that normally costs $864.00 for only $600.00 April 30th, 2020. You save $264.00! This is about what most people pay to smoke for 2 months. Additionally, to kick off this spring, I am offering 20% off of all of my programs including my intensive and successful Weight Loss program, trauma clearing and Heal Phobias program until April 30th, 2020. I offer 20% off for military discounts year-round. Hypnosis has been shown effective for helping with fear, phobias, anxiety, and depression. A number of mental health professionals attest to the success of using hypnosis in treating the consequences of traumatic exposure, including posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I was able to clear one client of Complex PTSD with one and one-half hours of Sound Healing! My sound healing has been so effective, that I have opened up to doing much more of it when it seems appropriate. If you want to clear phobias, fears, sadness or bad habits now is the time to experience your success using Hypnosis, Reimaging, NLP or Sound Healing.