Of all the many patterns I’ve shifted with myself personally, several areas, in particular, have stood out to have the most profound and noticeable affects. Those I work with too, notice a big change as well. Forgiveness has been a topic for many for numerous years. But I found that just saying the words are not enough..it’s not enough just to say you forgive yourself. It’s also not enough to state all the reasons why you don’t.
What I have found works is to clear all of the 7 levels that I address with Reimaging. Here we are Reimaging anything that blocks forgiveness. This old pattern of the lack of forgiveness can cost you sleep throughout your life and even be the source of physical ailments. It’s powerful to change this and it’s very rewarding. On just one level, for example, the Personality Parts you can often find very young parts of yourself that have been judging and criticizing you, throughout your life. Once you clear and heal these “inner children” and clear 6 other levels you can begin to experience the maximum benefits of this healing.
You can try the exercise below.
Let’s start by thinking of one person you feel like you need to forgive.
Now, Imagine your in a lovely forest surrounded by trees. See yourself sitting in the midst of this quietude. Take a few deep breaths and let them out slowly. Start with your hands palm to palm like hands in prayer. Now intend that all of the energy that blocks you from forgiveness of this person is forming between your hands. Allow your hands to part to hold this energy. Now you have measured at least a part of your block to forgiveness. Go ahead and breath this energy out, intending it leave you now. Repeat as many times as necessary until there is no energy left to clear. If you know the levels of Reimaging, clear each one. Just let it go until you are complete. You’ve got this!