There are many factors that keep us awake at night or cause us to awaken. Many of these factors are physical. But many times we are awake or are asleep too little because of our toxic emotions. Anger, fear, anxiety, depression, dread, horror, regrets, guilt, can keep us awake or cause us to awaken too early. Sabotage can also be involved in sleep loss. I have found that fear of success, for example, can cause a feedback loop with sleep so that the subconscious patterns literally cause us to sleep poorly by making us so tired that we would naturally not perform at our best the next day. Another bizarre reason the subconscious patterns can cause us to lose sleep is to make us literally tranquilized with exhaustion. In other words, we become so fatigued from sleep loss that the trauma or upset is dampened or shrinks in comparison to how bad we feel. Sometimes burn out can cause sleep loss because when we don’t sleep we get to be alone and we may get the extra time that we may not be getting during the day. Sleep loss can be a complex issue that is worth unraveling and clearing to finally be able to embrace great sleep again. I help people improve their sleep all the time and for them, it’s so worth it!