It won’t be long until spring is here. Speaking of spring, is it possible to come out of fearful and sad states and get back to happiness or peace? Yes, it is. If you are waiting for something to happen in your life before you achieve these states you may be chasing happiness. The, “I’ll be happy when…” type of thinking. Stop waiting for happiness to happen. And no it’s not a mindset or attitude I’m talking about. It’s a real energy state that you can feel mind/body and spirit. It’s not a permanent thing but as you clear back to happiness or peace, time and again you grow spiritually. You can actually work through the various reactions that you have to your life situations and return to these states. Sometimes achieving happiness is about forgiveness. Sometimes it’s about overcoming anger at someone or something. Sometimes we are not peaceful because we are afraid filled with worries or even regrets. These emotions are letting you know you have something that has triggered you and it’s time to overcome it.