The games we play inside are almost endless. Most of us run from our emotions and have not been taught to stop and listen to what’s going on in our gut. Yet it’s this still small voice within that can save us from so many poor choices and wrong decisions not to mention the fact that when we squelch our emotions, they come out as addictive behavior. One of the techniques I’ve taught for years that actually underlies much of the work I’ve done creating Reimaging is Focusing. Focusing is a technique that came out in the 70’s and the book was written by Eugene Gendlin. In this book, entitled, “Focusing”, he teaches us how to stop and meditate on what we are feeling, not just do a quick left-brain identification with them. Once I learned this little technique I vowed not to be overcome by emotions any longer. That was a long time ago, and that little technique helped me to completely transform my life!