Working with clients for so many years has revealed many things that I’ve been able to apply not only to help others but to help myself. It wasn’t long ago that I discovered the character flaws. These are energies that can be cleared from the personality with strong intention. They definitely hide in people and many don’t realize how much these 7 flaws contribute to a lack of success as you travel down the road of life. One of the most obvious ones that I see time again is irresponsibility. This would perhaps describe many people in your life that do not do what they tell you they are going to do. They don’t show up. When this happens it erodes essential trust which I teach people is the foundation of a relationship. Without a good foundation..well you can guess the rest. One of the biggest challenges with irresponsibility is what Psychologist call Borderline Personality. Everything is always someone else’s fault. Here we are the perpetual victim. Another flaw is comparison. This one tortures us our entire lives because we never can measure up to the success of some and at the same time many cannot even imagine having our success. These are just 2 of them more about the other 5 later!