There may be a number of reasons why sound healing works. For one thing sound is color, waves of color as depicted above. We are all subject to waves of sound day in and day out. Directed sound can work through Pauli exclusion. According to scientist Dr. Pauli, 2 things cannot exist in the same time-space continuum. Therefore when I produce a sound that is the same frequency of your distress it clears it. Often, as I’m doing sound healing, I have the client measuring where they are when we start and where we are when we conclude. What can be sound healed? The emotional part of fears and much of what may be causing them physically. Also, anything that keeps you from having a healthy relationship with food can be cleared using sound or in an unhealthy relationship with any substance. Grounding and Balance can be achieved with sound. I use it very successfully with folks suffering from all kinds of trauma, grief and chronic sadness. Sound healing seems to clear traits such as self-sabotage, codependency, and many other such subconscious patterns. Sound healing is the passive form of the Reimaging work that I do and it’s grown in popularity. I think people like the fact that it works for one and is very effective. It also doesn’t take any effort on the client’s part. This is the kind of healing work that would be reminiscent of hands-on healing or other types of work like color or Chrystal healing. Most report that it’s pleasant and they experience measurable healing.