Heal through Trauma Transformation Coaching. Stop running. Experience how facing and walking though deep emotions diffuses them. Clear underlying subconscious patterns. Intensive mind/body/spirit programs for losing weight. Attain joy, peace or completely clear stress and tension. Eliminate phobias. You can overcome overeating, substance challenges, quit smoking, greatly improve sleep patterns. Clear impulsive triggers that may be causing you to be out of control with food or addictive substances. Clear blocks that prevent you from embracing your life purpose. Establish deep emotional intimacy leading to bonding with others. Take real measurable steps in each session. Enjoy medical intuition to help you identify underlying physical causes for imbalances with emotions, weight, or sleep. Doctor Recommended by Monterey Medical Center.

I specialize in clearing Toxic Emotions and Trauma that cause overeating and sleep loss. Imagine what it’s like to go through life functioning at your highest level with nothing to stop you from forward movement.

Summer Specials:

Specials June 4th through 30th, 2019. I am offering 5% off when you sign up for any program of 5 sessions or more. Just say you saw me on Google! See my official website @ https://www.higherconsciousnesshypnotherapy.com

Start your summer of free of Tobacco. Stop Smoking with Hypnosis and my intensive 6 hour program for only $480.00, until June 30th, 2019. I have seen lots of big successes with this program.