What if you became aware that everything that happened to you was beckoning you to self-improvement? What if each time you reached your goal of self-improvement it’s as if you’ve turned a page to a new chapter of your life. What if everything that showed up in your life, or triggered you, was a signal that you have some clearing to do? The experiences of life can start to make sense from this perspective. Anger is the big one! Most people I see, one way or another are stuck in anger. Either they don’t want to harm people and they are stuffing anger or they are out of control with anger. What I have found is that the majority of people who have extreme tempers are imbalanced from a intuitive medical standpoint. Usually it’s imbalances of brain chemistry and a lack of tolerance for gluten. Yes, I find when there are anger issues then there is usually this gluten intolerance as well. Gluten affects our brains in ways we would not expect. Gluten is in so many foods it’s tough to avoid. In addition, most people need to clean out their anger closets (clearing the entire spectrum of anger to reach real forgiveness). We often need to go a little deeper to achieve real peace of mind. How does working through anger improve you spiritually? Every time you reach true forgiveness on all levels mind/body/spirit you have achieved a measurable bounty of acceptance, patience, or tolerance or other attributes. So feeling anger often signals a need for self-improvement.