Emotions drive overeating. So does stress. Diets simply are not a good solution for most of us.They are an attempt to fix an inside problem with an outside solution. We need to be able to handle being around any food and not go crazy. But I can’t say that I was there 35 years ago. I remember going to a wedding amidst all kinds of wonderful treats. I hardly ate anything, then when I got home, I did my secret eating with all my usual junk food when I was alone. Somehow, I rationalized in my mind, if no one saw me over eating, I wouldn’t put on weight. I ate fast, I ate a lot, then, I felt guilty and fat. I remember telling myself, I’ll start a new diet next week. I was addicted to food too. I used it to supplant everything. It assuaged me, it loved me, it fulfilled me when I felt empty. It wasn’t until I was willing and able to look deeply at my emotions and the other needs that drove overeating that I was able to stop the endless cycle of binge eating and dieting. Also, I freed myself to eat anything with one hard and fast rule. I had to really be wanting that one thing. There was a test to make certain that this was the food I was really wanting. I remember I finally realized that the cycle of overeating and dieting itself was a big escape from facing other things in my life. I finally overcame a cycle that had haunted me for 7 years. But that wasn’t the end. Recently, I’ve seen that energy work can change hard core neurological wiring that drive addictions too.