What if you could go through your day without that pit of anxiety in your stomach? Or, what would you be like if you were no longer under a cloud of intense sadness? As a medical intuitive we sometimes find that some of these emotions are physically based. However you’d be surprised how anxiety is often partly based on a fear of our own anger. Trauma can be transformed easily if you know how. Recently I had a client, we will call her Anita. She came into my office suffering with anxiety and trauma due to some life experiences and feeling put down by others much of the time. We addressed each of her emotional issues and blocks clearing her mind/body/spirit of anxiety, depression and trauma. She did find she had a great deal of anger, not just anxiety. The last I heard from her she was joyfully stepping onto her life purpose and quite exited about it. Think about it. Every moment that is taken up feeling miserable is yet another precious moment of your life wasted. Life is precious and rather brief. When you know how to get to happiness,and peace it makes attaining these states much easier. To celebrate spring and the month of April, I’m offering 10% off of all my programs based on emotional challenges through April 30th. Just mention you saw my Google Blog and your program will be discounted. Let’s get you walking into spring singing an entirely different tune. Check out my website @http://www.higherconsciousnesshypnotherapy.com – call or text 360-922-0777.