I think many people don’t understand how tormenting it is not to sleep. I too have experienced challenges with sleep. Because of California rulings on controlled substances, a lot of folks are going through insomnia and needing to find different ways to cope without prescription sleep aids. For a lot of people the withdrawal and dependency factors are huge whether they suspected they might be dependent on prescription drugs or not. Even though many drugs are touted as nonaddictive, people are finding they cannot sleep without them even if they didn’t take them all the time. What I have found is that doing energy work can often help improve sleep regardless. I have found that if we work on the underlying adjustment to quitting the sleep medications, that people’s withdrawal symptoms often stop. Beyond these obvious blocks to sleep, I have found that addressing Circadian rhythms, sleep wake cycles, and blocks to returning to sleep, and disturbed sleep to have profound effects for people. Hypnosis has also been found to help sleep so I offer personalized audio programs. Also, we clear any toxic emotions or mental blocks to sleep by opening the doors to sleep. Folks have been raving about the differences they are seeing in their sleep. One client we will call Tom, came in to see me with severe sleep deprivation after stopping prescriptions. Clearing him took a number of sessions as he had been taking medications for 35 years! Today he reports sleeping well.