Commitment mixed with persistence is everything. I don’t care if you are in training to win a marathon race or you are healing your inner core. As a Trauma Transformation Coach and Hypnotherapist I see a lot of people win because they go for 100%. If you are 100% clear of anxiety, fears, depression, you are not likely to feel or be run by these emotions any longer. Still it isn’t to say you will never experience these in your life again as they are part of the vast spectrum of our emotions. But what if you had skill sets to help you through these kinds of feelings that really cleared them from you mind/body/ and spirit? I have taught people for years that if you can measure something be it something ephemeral like an emotion or some other or behavior – you can change it. You can transform it and then measure that it is not longer operating in your “system” or the shadow side of you. If this unconscious shadow part of you is devoid of fear for example, then you will have a tough time feeling fear or being driven by it. That’s why the first thing I teach people is how to do right brain measurements of their emotions, addictions, etc. Because being able to gauge where you are in clearing the labyrinth of the unconscious self is a major step forward in empowerment. And further, if you are not 100% clear there is more for you to do in there. That’s great news because from what I see 99% of what goes on in our lives is largely driven by our shadow side. You can change.