Ready for that Bikini? Why do you suppose we need to “control” ourselves around food? What if we didn’t have to do that? What if there were nothing to control? What if there were no driving force to compensate with food for what’s missing, eating over emotions or addictive overeating. What if you could heal your relationship to food so that it became just nutrition and nothing else? With energy work I do with (sound healing) I have noticed I can now rewire the neural patterning that causing the brain to want food. With this healing the brain no longer turns to food as an escape, reward, celebration, or fulfillment. There is so much more to life than eating. The behavioral stuff comes in too and it has more to do with finding ways to honor your needs and using alternative ways to soothe rough with self-help techniques. My program has been successful in curbing overeating. This is true regardless of where it’s coming from in your life. The bottom line is, are you willing to put the time and effort into overcoming your issues with food? If so, you are likely to reap some rather large rewards. If you normalize towards food, weight can normalize and your life can become a life filled with passion for what you do instead. The bottom line the weight starts to come off. In my program before overeating is overcome we do hypnosis to help you push away from food when you are just half full. This way you can be successful at the outset.