We Americans are known for obesity. With the availability of fast foods, grocery stores, and restaurants, plus food delivery services their is little effort spent in finding foods. Exercise can seem like a chore to be gotten over with time and again.

Metabolism is a huge factor in weight gain in our society and some doctors address what is now called Type 2 Hypothyroidism. This is, as I understand it, a cellular challenge that is not measurable with blood tests. Being a medical intuitive I notice that most folks that are overweight have what I call a low spin, no spin or even backwards spin for T3. These “spins” are ways I measure metabolism using kinesiology. T3 thyroid hormone regulates our metabolism. It you don’t have enough of this T3 in your blood or circulating in your cells then you are one of those people that just looks at food and you feel like you put on weight.

Then there is emotional overeating, eating over needs, and eating for fulfillment and impulsive overeating. There are in fact, many emotional/psychological reasons why one might overeat. When it comes to this part of the weight challenge, humans start comforting with food from birth. No sooner did we feel upset, or discomfort and a breast, bottle or pacifier was stuck in our mouth. The association between food and comfort starts early. Later as we were getting older a good solution to a fit of tears was the proverbial milk and cookies. So food gets associated with comfort before we can talk!