Manifesting can be fun and it takes lots of persistence. Someone once told me that persistence was success. It means going back to the drawing board after perceived failure, rejection and often, perceived loss of money. Let’s face it is not easy to be persistent. But what does it take?

If you tend to get discouraged easily this can be a pattern to be overcome.

Also, it takes a willingness to risk in a well calculated manner. You vet the outcome and know the general odds of getting a win. So risk assessment is in the mix. In addition, you may also need to tweak your courage or lack of it which is a character flaw.

You may need to turn up faith in self, and other types of faith.

If you cannot let go of outcomes so that you can climb back on the proverbial horse time and again, then you may need to embrace more acceptance.

It you tend to feel like a failure, feel the bite of shame, then you may need to embrace more humility. Think of it. If you are fully humble in all ways (and there are 4 ways) then the former pains of life become rather painless. Overcoming this type of trauma leads to resilience.

There are multiple other patterns that govern success/failure such as overcoming impulsiveness, and developing firm but flexible boundaries.

If you are not on purpose with your pursuit then you may need to attune you with yourself with harmony and harmonize with other areas of your life as well.

Where are you in the mix? Are you ready to manifest?