The Secrets to Stop Smoking: Yes I have raised the rate for the smoking program this year and it is still being offered at a discount for only $480.00 until 1/31/19. That’s the same rate I offered it last year. I saw a number of people, some of whom I still follow up with that had some really great results. This program was designed after a hypnotherapists program in Phoenix who helped an entire ball team stop chewing tobacco. I will give you a 3 successive day 6 hour intensive at convenient times for you in the privacy of my office 1 on 1. During this program you stop smoking or chewing tobacco. You can stop without cravings so it does not have to be painful. Remember, for about the same amount an average smoker spends for just one month cigarettes, you can literally stop and turn your whole life around. Quit the Shame. Quit the Guilt. Quit the Unhealthy abuse of your body. I am here to help you keep your New Years Resolution. Don’t feel bad I used to be a smoker too and smoked upwards of 4 packs a day before I quit. I threw time, money and health down the drain for 10 years until that day. What motivated me to stop was my health. I would wake up coughing every day. I could read the writing on the wall. Then I had none of the techniques that I will teach you to use.