You matter more than you know and less than you think. Strive to achieve 100% Humility with Yourself, Others, Life and Higher Power if ever you feel embarrassed, stage fright or angry at others. Remember not to take yourself too one else does. When it comes to the age old argument between the mind (facts) and the heart (feelings) trust both as fine instruments for measurement and find the happy medium between these before making decisions. Trusting your instincts implies having Faith in yourself. How’s that going? Trusting others implies Faith in others and is worth development if you also clear Naivety, Gullibility, and embrace Discernment 100%. If you are in judgement of others celebrate because you have encountered at least 8 areas in which you may grow: Unconditional Love, Acceptance, Tolerance, Charity, Patience, Harmony, Humility and Grace with others. Caring about what others think means you lack Self-Esteem. This can only be countered by taking action on your life purpose which implies Unconditional Love, Acceptance, Harmony, Grace, Charity (understanding) and Faith in the Self.