I was reading an article in Psychology Today. It was interesting the way so many folks are diagnosed with personality disorders, behavioral disorders and major illness like chronic mental illness. It seems like the field that I fell in love with in my youth is so fond of labeling everyone. When people are lumped into these categories, oft times for insurance purposes, the key to healing is literally thrown away. Any thought that one could recover from Borderline Personality, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or Narcissism is deemed hopeless. It’s like folks have a label and everyone relaxes around that. Perhaps we are prescribed medication that is supposed to allay symptoms. Talk therapy is utilized to add a more integrative approach. Big changes are rarely expected. A mother approached me recently about her troubled son. He had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, was suicidal and suffered with SIV (self inflicted violence), PTSD from a sexual assault in childhood. He was highly unstable and unpredictable.

Using kinesiology, I tested his mother for all of these challenges for him and she tested positive for each. We began taking part of our sessions to focus sound healing strictly on him. Utilizing this long distance approach he was cleared of these issues in approximately 6 or 7 sessions from start to finish. In all, of that perhaps 9 hours were dedicated to working with him alone. She reported to me a day ago that he seems healed. I feel he needs more.