Hi I’d like to let everyone know I’m doing another Special on my Stop Smoking Program. This one began Sept 21, 2018 and ends Nov 21, 2018.

Hey, I used to smoke and I have a sense of how it is to quit. It’s funny if you use enough of the right techniques you can do it without cravings!! That makes it easy. Plus you learn a lot of self-help techniques that can help you in other aspects of your life? Sound good?

Wouldn’t it be nice to no longer be a slave to the cigarette companies or tobacco industry? How about your health, would you like to improve it? And how about showing up with others..it’s makes you feel confident to know you can overcome this nasty old habit.

We do intensive session work for 3 consecutive days. It’s intense, it’s real and it’s successful. I’ve slashed a full $200.00 off my program until 11/21. It’s affordable, safe and you will have the results you have waited to have! For only $520.00 you get a full 6 hour 1 on 1 intensive with me. I’m a very successful full-time hypnotherapist in Monterey! My web site it https://www.reimaging.com or call/text me at 360-922-0777 to set up your appointment.