Most of us have an intellectual sense of what we want to be happening in our lives. Yet the transition of taking what is a cognitive view of how we’d like to be and translating it into a reality is usually the real stop. How do you take the idea of “Gee I like to feel peaceful about my life” and make it a reality? I have found through sound healing I can quickly help folks move from point A “The Idea” and point the B “The Reality” . Because sound healing is generally replicating what is not healthy through Pauli Exclusion (2 frequencies cannot occupy the same space/time continuum). You can experience clearing unwanted energies rapidly and every level of the consciousness is healed simultaneously during the session. I generally have you measure (with kinesiology or other) the baseline before and then after and usually we get to the goal rather quickly with this method. For those who want insight into why they are not peaceful for example, I usually utilize Reimaging. Reimaging is a Hypno-Imagery Program which I created to clear mind, body, and spirit of all of those stops. Here we use hypnosis to achieve trance states and guided imagery to explore your vast inner sanctuary to discover the secrets as to what holds you back from being where you want to be. Then we clear it all out of you! Am I perfect after all this good work? No I’m not. I still work on stuff I find in myself just about everyday and I guess I always will. I’m kind of a self-help junkie.