Most of us run a certain amount of fear underneath the surface of the conscious mind that affects our decisions, moods, and general outlook on life. Sometimes it’s about not feeling safe or secure. Sometimes it’s about worry. It could be argued that no one is safe or secure. Yet I have found these often underlie back issues and may express in other ways as well. Sometimes, we toss and turn at night because we don’t feel secure or safe enough. Fretting and worrying too can be tendencies that run deep as well. These feelings are major stops sometimes in moving forward. Often I find when folks are stuck it’s a fear of failure or possible success that holds them back. Safety, security worry and fretting usually all play a role in stopping progress.

Clearing these emotions in the mind/body and spirit is essential to forward movement and progress. I find that people can attain peace either through Reimaging with Hypnotherapy or Sound Healing and that this has been a gift I’ve been able to give people. When I use kinesiology to test people most test out at 100% peace, if this is what we’ve been intending during their session.

Living your life in peace can make you stronger in your decision making and greatly increase the quality of your life. The more you can attain peace and re-attain it, the better your can perform on most tasks as well because your focus is not disturbed. All of your energy can be aimed towards what you are intending. That’s a great way to manifest!