When people come to me for overeating, smoking or substance abuse they often want to “control” their impulses. I feel if I do thorough job, there is no need to control anything. The whole idea of controlling something means that, that impulse that need, or that driving force is still there. What I do with either my process of Reimaging or Sacred Sound Healing nowadays is to work on eliminating the need to control.

If you no longer have an impulse to use something then it’s a complete mental choice as to whether you not you imbibe. That means you are no longer triggered to act out in ways that are self-destructive. It’s a process eliminating these internal triggers 100%.

Often I find these impulses are about carrying pain from family or past challenges of some kind. These represent places where we “left the building” because life was too upsetting to us.

Without these impulses food can taste just as good you just don’t necessarily want it unless you are physically hungry. Imagine eating like a skinny person does with no subconscious need to eat or emotional agenda. Imagine that whole series of items that drove you to destructive behavior or self-sabotage, was gone. These multiple triggers can be eliminated and of course, and it is a process. You can you achieve eating or imbibing for reasons of physical survival or improving health. Are you ready to be healthy?