Recently I had a challenge with a company that was really out of line in the way they billed me. I had them set up with automatic payments and wow, did they every pay themselves. The situation escalated when I attempted to correct their obvious error and instead of an apology and quick credit to the local where their automatic payments came from, they started attempting to justify charges that we’re 5 to 6 times higher than they needed to be. After a period of upset, I started searching for what I needed to learn from this situation. What I discovered was tolerance. I know it’s can be a big stretch to be tolerant of errant, or bad behavior but we are often called on to stretch like this in our personal growth. Like all tests, once I attained the tolerance, the tables turned, they finally apologized and credited my account back the funds they had taken. I find that most of life challenges if not all call for inside changes to happen before outside circumstances can shift. When we start attempting to correct the circumstances first, which is inevitable, given our natures as people, and the way we think, it rarely works to create anything but further frustration. Finding the secret key to unlock the circumstance takes, some introspection, meditation, or work with another and an idea of the different areas where we may be out of synchronicity with higher frequencies or attributes. In other cases, it may be a karmic situation requiring something a little else.