Even though we have a lot of sunshine here in California it can be challenging with life’s ups and downs to stay sunny inside. It’s a maintenance job to keep coming back to joy, and peace inside of yourself with all of life’s challenges. It’s worth it though. The journey back to joy I find generally takes you where you need to go to spiritually . For example, if you feel someone has wronged you and find yourself resentful, you now you have anger that is holding you back from joy. When you work through the anger to forgiveness (not condoning bad behavior) you will naturally be overcoming your own stuff that keeps you from tolerance, patience, unconditional love, compassion, grace, etc. If you use happiness as sort of a baseline, you can grow so much spiritually from each circumstance that occurs. And you know what? The growth is endless. Spiritual growth is primary why I think we take physical form. Regardless of how caught up you become in your circumstances, whether it be tragedy, loss, the unbelievable behavior of others, chronic pain, health issues, bad habits or other, these circumstances beckon us to overcome and to grow. When you overcome your angst, and in my office we often do that with Reimaging (my hypno-imagery program) , sound healing or some combination of techniques, what happens is that you get your life back. Joy, Happiness and Peace are free and they are the bounty brought about by forgiveness and overcoming our patterns and foibles.