Relapse is common in recovery. But does it have to happen? No it doesn’t. After 34 years of sobriety I can tell you that numerous times I’ve been challenged by my own need to reach for something to feel better or to kill the pain of how I’m feeling about what is going on in my life. It hasn’t always been easy. Having some effective skill sets to calm down and deal with life is important. If you have no idea how the human consciousness operates it’s pretty hard to know what to do. This is why I teach the process I developed called Reimaging. When you clear all the levels of the psyche of upset, you overcome the issue at hand. If you are willing to face your issues head on and use tactics that work blended with a good dose of persistence you will get through your life challenges. Sure it can seem impossible but you can get there even if it takes a long time. So you need to add a dose of patience as well. Patience too can be brought about with using Reimaging and the knowledge that most things require a process of healing. Usually it will not be a healing event.The life challenges can all be overcome. Making the choice to escape through drugs and alcohol only make matters worse.Sometimes, we need an added does of courage depending on the challenge. Eventually you can come back to peace, happiness and joy. Knowing you can get there is often enough to help you get through some of the most painful and scary challenges. You can do it. Believe it. It’s true!