Personal Growth opportunities are like flowers in that they can light up your life if you are savvy enough to recognize the subconscious pattern that needs to change and overcome it before it creates more pain in your life. But every flower begins with a seed and a period of time that may be challenging. That’s what I have found where I’m in pain, irritated, afraid well that’s where I need to grow. It’s not a magic trick it’s just about knowing that your pain is coming from someplace inside of you and is showing up to reflect how you are out of harmony, synchronicity, or not in tune with some other positive element that is beckoning you to take the challenge to change your thinking, beliefs and emotions. Whenever I have marked great happiness and joy in my life it has been from accepting things the way they are and going from there. Acceptance means forgiving but not necessarily condoning. When you finally accept or come into harmony, this is when your life comes into full bloom. This is when you begin to experience an abundance of happiness, peace and joy. It takes effort and it’s so worth it.