The deterioration may be so slow you don’t even notice it. Day after day, drink after drink you may not notice that your behavior has changed for the worst. But mark my words, your spouse or significant other notices and so may your boss. Maybe you are showing up late, hung over, or maybe you always punctual and want to point that out as a sign that nothing is wrong. Maybe your temper is getting away from you or important people in your life, point out that you are losing it when you least expect it when you are drunk and planned to have good times. Maybe you may have noticed you drink alone (that’s not social drinking) or that you drink because you are in emotional pain. Funny thing about that pain, you may feel better momentarily when you are drunk regarding your life and relationships, but the drinking will make everything slide downhill for the worst. That’s why we call it bottoming out. Each person’s bottom is different. Each person”s motivation to stop or cut down on drinking is different. The bottom line is, what’s the bottom line for you or your family member. Is there one? I ask because friends have mine have known people that were determined to drink themselves to death. And, with the effect of alcohol on the liver, hey that is an option. Intoxication means a toxic or poisonous substance is in your body affecting you. So what will it take you or your family member to wake up and smell the liquor?? It could be anything, and sometimes it’s something subtle.