Many people are seeking solutions for chemical dependency or wondering if they have a problem. The challenge with chemical dependency (and because I’m based with a home office I usually deal with folks here that have challenges with alcohol or pot.) is that they take an average of 12 people down with them. How can a chemically dependent person take you down? It’s easy. Borrowing money for one and not paying it back is typical of this disease. I’ve been conned into picking up drugs for the person and didn’t know I was doing it. I’ve had people in my car using unabashed, especially pot in areas where it’s not legal yet. So one can end up taking unnecessary risks to your health, life and well being. Being let down by a person is a problem too. Often too, you hear various promises that they won’t honor. The raging often done by alcoholics and addicts creates lasting trauma. Now if you are in an intimate relationship the playing field is much broader. Typically in stage 3 or 4 alcoholism there is lying with deteriorates your trust, promises to stop that are not kept, lying about affairs, driving drunk with kids or even by themselves puts you and everyone at risk. The health of the liver in the case of alcohol is usually so intense that it’s almost like watching someone commit suicide in front of you… slowly. Financially there can be huge losses. How can you stop being victimized? If you clear your own co-dependency issues, you are less likely to be a victim unwitting or not.