GET YOUR HAPPY ON! I know it’s not always possible to be happy right? Our lives change like the weather and let’s face it stuff happens. And usually, if you trace it back, it’s your emotional reaction, based on your beliefs that knocks you out of Happiness. Since I discovered that Happiness, Peace and Joy were possible by working towards those states like a goal, my life and that of many of my clients has been just that happy, peaceful and gloriously joyful. For example, recently I noticed that some family members of mine were using chemicals when I had understood there was real sobriety there. That was disappointing to say the least and the point is it knocked me right out of my Happy State. I had to work my way back to Happiness through acceptance, increasing my tolerance, and being more patient with these folks. The result: I get my happiness and the next time I say something to them it won’t be from judgment and criticism it will be from acceptance. That means I’m much more likely to say just the “right” thing to waken them up from their stupor of drug abuse. In the meantime, I take care of myself and avoid becoming their victim via codependency. I’m not responsible for their choices and so be it. Once you experience real peace, happiness and joy you are pretty unwilling to go back to your old ways. Make no mistake, it takes learning and using skill sets and the willingness to go to these joyful places but you can get there sober and I can teach you how.