Since 2010 and a near-death experience, I have been doing what I term Sacred Sound Healing. Because it seems to work on the principle of Pauli exclusion (Wolfgang Pauli) 1925, it seems to be able to change energy very rapidly. Pauli discovered that 2 things of the same, frequency, etc, cannot fit into the same space in the same time continuum. Therefore, if one is capable of imitating the exact set of frequencies that make up emotional upsets, unwanted patterns and more recently for me, physical challenges, via sound, they may be improved, and in some cases eliminated. All I can tell you is that I am getting fabulous results with myself and my clients. Of course, I always tell folks to seek out medical help or see their licensed practitioner. I am holistically oriented so never have been comfortable without the support of the medical community (whom I work with) and other licensed health care professionals. As I have been the greatest skeptic of all, I have had to see the changes with my own eyes or experience them myself. I’m not sure it there are limits as to how far this technique can generally help emotions and conditions. It seems pretty endless in the ability to remove underlying energy in a variety of ailments, chronic conditions, emotions and challenges and effect changes very quickly. Yet it is still a process like peeling an onion. I am now working with folks with some pretty great results so far, with whom the medical world dispensed as “hopeless”.