Ready to greet the upcoming holidays free of tobacco? My Stop Smoking Specials have been expanded through November 21st. If you want to stop smoking or chewing tobacco, I’m offering 6 hours of intensive work with you to help you snuff out cravings and quit for good over 3 successive days.

I’ve had incredible success with this program. It was designed after a hypnotist in Phoenix that helped almost an entire team quit chewing.

Imagine going through your days free of the shame and guilt of smoking or chewing tobacco. Envision being freed from the chains of addiction that have bound you for so long to the tobacco companies. Imagine what it would feel like to start regaining your health and vigor.

In my individual one on one program we clear both addiction and the habit of tobacco use. Plus you will learn amazing techniques you can apply to all aspects of your life. See my website

Normally this intensive program costs $720.00. I am giving you this incredible, intensive, individual program for only $620.00. So you save a full $100.00 if you pay by check or cash. Because of popular demand you may need to wait a few weeks to get in and it’s worth it. Hey I used to smoke so I know what’s up.

I am also a certified Chemical Dependency Counselor and work here as a Substance Abuse Coach. I also have a 2 year Counseling Degree and 37 years experience in both private practice and agencies in my field. Recommended by Monterey Medical Center.